~oracle wisdom~ april 17, 2017


from Oracle of Oddities by
Black and the Moon

Beware the hunger that cannot be filled by mortal things
for this is the force that temps your craving heart
away from her deep knowing

The empty feeling of soul longing
is the journey to your center
 and the portal to all that is

Gluttony’s lie is that the discomfort of spirit
can be fed through the flesh
as separate from our divinity

The gift of gluttony is the awareness
that hunger comes in many guises
all of which
want to lead us home to the embrace

of our body as the meeting place
of matter and eternal essence


Gluttony invites us to see where our craving for more is a symptom of a truer desire for connection to our self, our heart, and the greater source of all.

Gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins is mired in shame and yet it holds a divine doorway into finding what holds our deepest joy.

Gluttony asks us to feel in and under the fixation with more and hear the subtle cry of our essential nature calling us to the truth of our being.

We are enough.

~oracle wisdom~ april 10, 2017

Sad Embrace
from The Enchanted Map
by Colette Baron-Reid

Allow yourself the solace of your own sweet acceptance
for things of this world are harsh and cruel

Do not run from your sadness
it tells a sacred story

of love and loss and something precious

Instead embrace the tenderness
of being a soul witness
to grief shared
by all who have courage to
bear witness
to the heart of living
in times of such as these

Compassion and strength grow here



If you are feeling tender and vulnerable, take time to be gentle and comforting to yourself. Your pain, disappointment, grief, anxiety, or sadness is your emotional wisdom guiding you through the depth of the complexity of our mortal, imperfect world.

Sad Embrace welcomes this complexity and ask you to meet yourself with loving compassion, allow what is here to move through you, and know that while you do you are being held by the stars and moon and solid ground of Earth.

I notice the full moon in the image above and can’t help but make the connection to the full moon tomorrow. Emotions may feel even more intense. Reach out for support if it feels too much. This also is a form of embrace for your soft and tender self.

because some days the world seems out to break your heart

It is okay to take a break and smell the air after it has rained.
It is fine to look closely at the wet ground knowing treasure lives there.
It is acceptable to stand in the misty damp with out shoes on.
It is all right to wish for the birds to sing just for you.
It is allowed to play in and savor a world that also makes you weep in pain and grief.

In fact, it is necessary, required, essential, practical and sacred homecoming to yourself; to feel the aliveness of the earth
rising to meet you exactly and fully where you are in just this excruciating moment.

This is the way of the devotional self, the practice of finding yourself in the larger flow of the world, the simplicity of belonging to the cosmos simply because you are here.

This is how we stay sane in a world that on too many days seems out to break our hearts.

~oracle wisdom~ april 3, 2017

Power of Attraction
from Sacred Rebels by Alana Fairchild

The world is woven together with golden threads
each felt only by those whose path align

This attraction is soul meeting destiny
yet only unfolding when trusted and followed

Give honor to that which pulls you towards it
for it will guide your way
illuminate your heart
show you
your place of belonging in this world


Where are you drawn?
What attracts you?
Any flights of fancy, shiny objects, unexpected curiosities grabbing your attention?

Let yourself follow the lead of what attracts you. Even if it doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t lead to something concrete that you can see right now. These treads of noticing, of attraction, are messages from the unseens, sign posts to our unfolding self. Allow them to take you into new terrains of knowing yourself.

If you have concerns that this all sounds too much like useless procrastination and avoidance, I say this. There is a difference between following the sacred threads of self through the mystery even, perhaps especially, when they don’t have a logical reason or conclusion and numbing out through distractions so as to NOT step vulnerably into the unknown and wild ride of your becoming self.

You are following a golden thread, sacred attraction, soul unfolding, if you feel a deepening recognition of yourself whether through familiar or new ways.

~oracle wisdom~ march 27, 2017


from the Osho Zen Tarot

Now is not the time to hide behind
outdated ways and predictable means

Creativity of life is bursting forth
begging to ridden hard and wild
the elements of self
the flesh of knowing

the cycles of innate knowing
are your guides

When days such as these loom challenging
remember the flow of nature
always moves towards growth.

Live as the artist of destiny
the sovereign of worlds intimate and public
and birth the new


Notice where creativity is calling you. Fallow the threads of your imagination and your desires to make or experience something new.

This card relates to the Empress in the traditional Tarot, a card of sensuality, creativity, abundance and nurturing. Look to see where you are feeling well cared for or not, where you have plenty or not, where your senses are enlivened or not.

If times are feeling hard, dismal, or challenging, seek out ways to spark your creative nature. Something new is wanting to be nurtured.


If you want some personal oracle wisdom, it may be time for some Oracle Alchemy.

the sensuality of living #1

Inspired by Tracy at Sutterbean and her My Everyday Life series, I am starting a series of my own I am calling The Sensuality of Living. It’s a peek into my everyday life, my courting of beauty with the messiness of living, odd moments of noticing… general bits and pieces of being in the swirl of being and becoming. I do hope you enjoy!


I am inspired by old and tattered things.


Oil and water. Sometimes the light hits the dishes piled up in the sink just right.


I often find inspiration in my tea cup.


I made a cake this week. I wrote about it here.


I am having a love affair with the tree outside my bedroom window.





Making patterns


I started this sweater a long time ago. It has been very patiently waiting for me to return.


The coffee shop downtown has a Tyrannosaurus Rex theme. How can you not love?


This close up of a dieffenbachia leaf in black and white looks like a Rorschach Test.
What do you see?


I started quilting again after many years. There are so many tiny pieces!


I did a reading for myself.
Follow the path of what you love, but don’t get sidetracked by shiny distractions disguised as true desire.
Left: Vintage Erotica Tarot
Right: Fallen Angles Oracle

I love the texture of seed stitch.


I am much more entertained by looking at my messes through filters rather than cleaning them up. I hope this isn’t a metaphor for my life. The coach in me is now very curious!


How are things in your world?

Thank you for reading!
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yesterday i baked a cake

Yesterday I made a cake.

I beat the eggs and sugar until creamy, fluffy, and the most soothing soft yellow color. I watched as ribbons of it fell off the beaters as I lifted them from my favorite vintage Pyrex bowl.

I added the vanilla. Two kinds, extract and paste. The smell was divine as I watched the tiny specks of vanilla seeds from the paste spread through out the batter as I stirred. Warm and comforting.

I sifted in the flour and then folded, folded, ever so gently folded it in until incorporated, feeling the batter stiffen just a bit.

Then came the butter. Oh so much melted butter is added and again, gently folded in so as not the lose the air created with the earlier beating. Rivers and pockets of butter form and then are split apart with in the creamy batter until it all becomes one.

There is a slow rhythm to this cake. Patience and a soft touch reveal the sensuousness of what some may think of as a boring, too simple cake. But not me.

There is richness and complexity, nuance and layers hidden within what is often so easily disguarded as basic and mundane.


I poured the batter into the pan, again watching ripples flow down and spread with ease and just enough languid viscosity to create a kind of of slow motion dance. I think of my grandmother as I scrape the bowl and how she insisted on getting every speck of goodness into the pan, not wasting any drop. I swear she scrapped bowls so clean they didn’t need washing after. Not me. I always leave some of the goodness behind because poetry can be written about the joys of licking bowls and spatulas.

My cake is given over to the oven to let heat do its alchemy. The warm sent of vanilla spreads through out the house as the cake puffs high and browns evenly.

These moments, when the air is fragrant with the comfort of baking sweetness, the anticipation of that first warm bite even though the recipe says to wait until cooled, the peering thorough the oven door wishing it would make the baking faster because the waiting is so hard, these simple moments hold some of the great mysteries of being. How much sensual possibility each moment holds, how the craving to be immersed in a full experience of our senate natures is voiced though anticipation, how being in the moments between expectation and fulfillment stretch time so that we might sink deeper into an experience becoming itself.

And then it is done. My cake comes out of the oven and I place it on a cooling rack, its puffiness sinking just the right amount just as it should. After a few minutes of cooling I turn it over and it is that moment every baker waits for- is the cake going to release from the pan or stick? I hear and feel the quiet ~paaah~ as it drops free.

A perfect cake. Rich, soft, fragrant, intense, smooth, light.

Yesterday I needed something to bring me back home to myself. To slow down the worry bordering on panic. A mix of fear and uncertainty about what is happening in my county and the world was think and heavy. What is outside of my control spinning me outside of myself, leaving me ungrounded and unsure. And so I baked a cake. A simple, humble cake. Each step slowing me down, bringing me present, opening my senses, bridging the ordinary and exquisite of life, returning me to my elemental nature. I felt myself again.

There is nothing new or revolutionary in this story. And yet those things that comfort and return us to ourselves seldom are. Simple practices, old fashion comforts, humble day to day living stuff. Take a walk. Talk to a friend. Notice beauty. Make something with your hands. Slow down.

There is richness and complexity, nuance and layers, hidden within what is often so easily disguarded as basic and mundane.


So often this is deemed too ordinary and simplistic for such complex and grave problems as we face today. It is not. There is sacred in mundane, glory in basic, salvation in common and simple acts of nurturing and pleasure.

Yesterday mine took the form of a baking a cake.