the life that is waiting

The life that is waiting for me is real and gritty and human
and full of struggle and love and disappointment and joy and connection.
The people there are real and flawed
and I still have to do my work
and clean the bathroom
and deal with my husband’s snoring and dirty socks.

It is not a sugar coated, glossy magazine styled life.

Will I quest for this life?
Will I give up the illusion that life can be,
is suppose to be, Pinterest and Instagram’s love child
for the sweat and heartbreak of the flesh and real,
growing older,
bones of living?

Will I give up my fantasy life for the one that beats here, now?

I don’t know.
Because it requires me to walk through the pain held in this body, this spirit, this life now.


These words came the other morning in response to a prompt.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

I filtered through many dreamy, transformed, glittery, visions of my life that is waiting for me before this truth spilled itself. The life I have been waiting for, the one that waits for me, is the one I have. If I let myself live it. Not because it is perfect, but because it is mine. It is imperfect and raw and tattered around the edges and within it beats my very real and vulnerable heart.

It holds, I hold, each of us holds, a universe of all things. I often say there is a sensuality to living and this is what I mean. That living this life brings us into our body, into our felt reality of grief and joy, beauty and pain, anger and forgiveness. This is the glory and grace that is full living.

It is the pain in your muscles when you have worked out. It is the puffy eyes after a good cry. It is the delicate breeze with just enough chill to send you for a sweater. It is a lover’s touch, a baby’s giggle, the smell of dinner cooking, the anger caught in your throat, the spinning thoughts at 2am, the break up, the death, the sun rising each and every single day no matter what and the warm cup of tea that will greet it.

In my journal I said I didn’t know if I would choose this life. This real and gritty journey. As soon as I set down my pen my elemental nature I knew I would, knows that I do. It took the self attached to perfection and doing it right, who is so tired of fighting, it took this self a bit longer to sort through her resistance. To set down her striving and forcing.

I will continue to collect what strikes my fancy on Pinterest because it is fun and inspirational. I will continue to court beauty on Instagram, mine and others, because it is a worthy practice of the sensual heart. Dreamy, glittery, inspirational beauty is not bad. In fact it seeds the path before us- if we make space for the inevitable and very human bumps and hurts along the way. I have been judging them as wrong and proof of my failing. I have been trying to make them go away instead of allowing them to teach me. Deepen me. Heal me.

When I say there is a sensuality to living, I mean the all of living. I needed the reminder. Because life has been dull and hard and I have been discouraged. I will continue to need the reminder because I am human and get pulled to shiny, glittery, illusions and judge myself by them. Perhaps you do too.

I needed to dive deeper than the false gold of perfection to find where my heart lies. I found it in the real and gritty glory and mess of this life, here.


I have openings for a few new private coaching clients beginning August. If you feel that having support in diving deeper into your sensuality of living, your own bone and flesh life that is waiting for you, let’s connect and see how I may be able to help.

oracle wisdom, june 12, 2017

Wild Ways

What are the Wild Ways that pull you out of complacency?

Hear their call
for they will bring you home


Howl at the moon, read a dangerous book, ask the forbidden questions, walk in the forest and listen to the moss under your feet, simmer a witches brew of  holy ways and heretic actions.

In other words, take a grand chance on something close to your heart.

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~oracle wisdom~ may 1, 2017

The Dark Places

The dark does not just hold your shadows
or those scary fears that keep hidden away

The dark also holds the depth of your
secret treasures

Those wishes and dreams
that seem to tender to release into the world

It is only by visiting The Dark Places
can you know which is which


I may seem an odd card to get on May Day, a day of bursting with sun and life and new growth, yet this is what came forward.

So, dare to look into the dark even while basking in the light. What is hidden under the surface, behind the smile, in the wakeful moments in the middle of the night when the rest of the world sleeps?

What desire have you hidden away? Visit and ask if it is time to come out into the light. If it is not yet ready, visit often until it is. Tend the tiny whispers of what will someday be knowing this dark cocoon is also a place of growth.


Do you enjoy these weekly-ish messages of intuition? If so you may just love a new thing I am creating. It is called Letters from the Liminal, a monthly intuitive missive. If you want to know more, watch this space, follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or even better, be sure you are on my Luscious Soulful Beauty email list. They will be the first to know when it is ready and I would love for you to be among them.

~oracle wisdom~ april 17, 2017


from Oracle of Oddities by
Black and the Moon

Beware the hunger that cannot be filled by mortal things
for this is the force that temps your craving heart
away from her deep knowing

The empty feeling of soul longing
is the journey to your center
 and the portal to all that is

Gluttony’s lie is that the discomfort of spirit
can be fed through the flesh
as separate from our divinity

The gift of gluttony is the awareness
that hunger comes in many guises
all of which
want to lead us home to the embrace

of our body as the meeting place
of matter and eternal essence


Gluttony invites us to see where our craving for more is a symptom of a truer desire for connection to our self, our heart, and the greater source of all.

Gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins is mired in shame and yet it holds a divine doorway into finding what holds our deepest joy.

Gluttony asks us to feel in and under the fixation with more and hear the subtle cry of our essential nature calling us to the truth of our being.

We are enough.

~oracle wisdom~ april 10, 2017

Sad Embrace
from The Enchanted Map
by Colette Baron-Reid

Allow yourself the solace of your own sweet acceptance
for things of this world are harsh and cruel

Do not run from your sadness
it tells a sacred story

of love and loss and something precious

Instead embrace the tenderness
of being a soul witness
to grief shared
by all who have courage to
bear witness
to the heart of living
in times of such as these

Compassion and strength grow here



If you are feeling tender and vulnerable, take time to be gentle and comforting to yourself. Your pain, disappointment, grief, anxiety, or sadness is your emotional wisdom guiding you through the depth of the complexity of our mortal, imperfect world.

Sad Embrace welcomes this complexity and ask you to meet yourself with loving compassion, allow what is here to move through you, and know that while you do you are being held by the stars and moon and solid ground of Earth.

I notice the full moon in the image above and can’t help but make the connection to the full moon tomorrow. Emotions may feel even more intense. Reach out for support if it feels too much. This also is a form of embrace for your soft and tender self.

because some days the world seems out to break your heart

It is okay to take a break and smell the air after it has rained.
It is fine to look closely at the wet ground knowing treasure lives there.
It is acceptable to stand in the misty damp with out shoes on.
It is all right to wish for the birds to sing just for you.
It is allowed to play in and savor a world that also makes you weep in pain and grief.

In fact, it is necessary, required, essential, practical and sacred homecoming to yourself; to feel the aliveness of the earth
rising to meet you exactly and fully where you are in just this excruciating moment.

This is the way of the devotional self, the practice of finding yourself in the larger flow of the world, the simplicity of belonging to the cosmos simply because you are here.

This is how we stay sane in a world that on too many days seems out to break our hearts.

~oracle wisdom~ april 3, 2017

Power of Attraction
from Sacred Rebels by Alana Fairchild

The world is woven together with golden threads
each felt only by those whose path align

This attraction is soul meeting destiny
yet only unfolding when trusted and followed

Give honor to that which pulls you towards it
for it will guide your way
illuminate your heart
show you
your place of belonging in this world


Where are you drawn?
What attracts you?
Any flights of fancy, shiny objects, unexpected curiosities grabbing your attention?

Let yourself follow the lead of what attracts you. Even if it doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t lead to something concrete that you can see right now. These treads of noticing, of attraction, are messages from the unseens, sign posts to our unfolding self. Allow them to take you into new terrains of knowing yourself.

If you have concerns that this all sounds too much like useless procrastination and avoidance, I say this. There is a difference between following the sacred threads of self through the mystery even, perhaps especially, when they don’t have a logical reason or conclusion and numbing out through distractions so as to NOT step vulnerably into the unknown and wild ride of your becoming self.

You are following a golden thread, sacred attraction, soul unfolding, if you feel a deepening recognition of yourself whether through familiar or new ways.