About Me

I am a quiet heretic

Crafting life as it fits my desires, dreams and vision

I guide you to do the same

I see beauty and truth and speak it back to you
I guide and witness
Ask and allow
Story tell and spell cast

Together we pull back the veil so you hear what your heart has been whispering since the beginning of time

So you can live your life
Your way

Your Elemental Nature.


Things to know about me

Since 1999 I have been helping women (along with a few courageous men) find their Elemental Nature and live creative, soulful lives.

I have been doing intuitive work for over 25 years and have been a certified coach for over 17.

Along the way I have gathered a wealth of education and experiences. I have degrees in psychology and gender studies, advanced training in hypnotherapy, sexuality and sex education, holistic health, eating psychology and aromatherapy. I have taught Tarot, led coaching workshops and programs for a leading coach training school and taught creativity and feminist spirituality at the collage level.

Sacred ceremony with Cacao and creative expression are central to my spiritual practice.

I believe Beauty is a language of the Divine.

Sometimes what I do looks like life coaching or card reading or freaky accurate intuition and cosmic downloading. Sometimes I gaze into the mysteries of your mystical blueprint (aka Human Design chart) or we gather in ceremony with sacred cacao. Always in the devotional space of deep conversation, questions begging to be explored and mysteries of your Elemental Nature.

Here are the ways we can work together