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 Offerings to your Elemental Nature

Oracle Alchemy-

My blend of intuitive insight, poetically expressed. Crafted for you alone and delivered to your inbox.

This is an written intuitive oracle reading for those times when you want to dip into some mystical guidance and soul messaging.

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Human Design Consultation

An energetic blueprint of your divinely designed life.

Learn how you uniquely engage with the energies of the world, how best to make choices and decisions you will not need to second guess, and how to embrace what is truly your beautiful way of being in a world. A blend of Astrology, I Ching, Chakra system, and Kabbalah, Human Design is an esoteric system for modern times.

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Lumina Guidance

Oracular insight, soul deep conversation. 

Because sometimes you need clarity and light cast on the murky, confusing places. You want a safe, gentle place to reveal the truth of your heart. There are times you want some guidance.

You leave with insight, practices and tangible next steps aligned with your deepest wisdom.

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Private Coaching

Is it time to come home to yourself?

Holy fire is raised and clarity revealed when we come together and lean into the unknown with all we have to offer. When we get down and dirty into the pleasures and messiness of your yearning, you transform.

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Individual and group experiences, by request.

An invitation to be lead on a wild, earthy, feminine wisdom journey initiated by the plant medicine Cacao. She is a heart opening, sensuous, truth revealing, guide that will gently bring you into your deeper womanly embodiment. If you are seeking non linear, body based guidance, this work may be just for you.