I am so happy you are here.

I am Sandi and I am an intuitive soul stirrer who has been helping women come home to themselves and their elemental nature for over 25 years.

Here is what I want you to know.

There is a sensuality to living.

A richness of experience that brings us alive
-if we let it.

Wild energy craving union with one who will meet it
in all its joy, wonder and beauty
in all its pain, hurt and loss.

I believe in this current of life.

Dancing, igniting, enticing you into your Elemental Nature.

Your truth, your belonging, your essential expression,
bringing you intimately home to yourself.

This is my realm.
Deep waters and earthy beauty.
Mystic wanderings and intuitive knowings.
Magic chocolate and irreverent musings.
Deep questions, gentle holding, fierce caring.

And you, dear one who has found her way here,
I ask-

What is the yearning of your heart?
What is the whispering of your Soul?
Is now the time to explore?

I invite you in.
To help you discover more of what you know.
To share what I know.
To add to this sensuous journey of awakening.

Please look around. Learn more about me or how to work with me.