letters from the liminal

Will you come with me?

Into the liminal, that slip of space between sleeping and waking?
Into those slippery moments when time morphs and insights gather?

Will you come with me into the transition between essence and matter?


The liminal is the crossroads of our psyche.

The in-between place where it is not always clear what is real and what is dream. What is imagination and what is intuition. What is prophetic sign and what are mere remnants of the day. The place where there is no ordinary and all is worthy of notice.

This is the rich soil of everything that is meant to be and all that is here to create.

In this place our becoming Self is revealed through the mists in symbol, sensation, hunch, and story. Where, if you are willing, perceptions morph so that you see yourself and life in new ways.

The liminal holds an ultimate place of choice. What is Real? What does it mean? In this choosing, all else unfolds.

You are invited to experience

Letters from the Liminal

Join me as each month I navigate the liminal through imagery and practice, through Tarot and Oracles, through feeling deeply and finding words that bring it conscious and sharing it all with you, if you would like.

Stories that open passages into perceptions that go unseen or are easily overlooked in ordinary living.

Inquiry that invites exploration and discovery.

Following breadcrumbs and signs of the intangible and imaginal that help make sense of it all.

Letters from the Liminal is a free monthly oracular download to ground and inspire your inner world and outer exploration. An ever changing journey revealed through imagery, prose and poetry, where I will offer inquiry and practice for you to find your own way with the messages. The oracles and form will shift and change month to month, as does our dance with the Mystery.

What I know is that it will be a mystical touchstone and practical resource of reflection and clarity. A doorway into your own unique life unfolding.

You will love this if

* you are open to the mystery taking the lead and following its nudges and questions to discover you own truths
* a monthly invitation to reflection, discovery, and exploration would be luscious and nourishing.
* you like a bit of mystical magic with your self discovery
* are open to the sometimes direct, sometimes subtle wisdom of oracles
* you want to develop more attunement with the unseen energies at play in life


Will you come with me?

Meeting at the liminal crossroads of your life and my Seeing.

Each month I enter intuitive, liminal space and call on the oracles and messages that step foreword. As I listen to the energy and the tales they share for the coming month I capture the words, imagery, questions and insights that come through. As a coach I know that magic is ignited in the questions. In being in the inquiry of life. As a wanderer of intuitive spaces I know the intangible opens the pathway to the tangible. Being in the questions, in the becoming, in the murky depths has the moments of clarity and solidity not be the prize for doing life right, but the inevitable outcome of having traveled well the spaces of the liminal.

Letters from the Liminal is part intuitive reading, part creative evocation that will be lovingly sent, with an audio recording of the journey, to all who wish it.  On the first of each month it will arrive as a beautifully crafted PDF document directly to your email box. From here, if you wish, you can choose more personalized support though special offers of additional oracle work or private coaching. Available only for subscribers, it is the most affordable way to work with me. As a bonus you will also receive Luscious Soulful Beauty, my occasional newsletter (which of course you can unsubcribe from at any time and still receive Letters from the Liminal).

Join me, will you?

Any questions, please let me know.