Intuitive Love Notes


Who doesn’t love a love note?
It is February after all.

Think of it as one part insight, one part message from your soul.
The result?
Poetic words guiding you home to yourself.

The world is always pulling us away from ourselves and never more so than now. One of my most reliable tools for times when I am off center, or need a nudge in a better direction is Tarot.

Not because it will tell my future, but because it will point me to what needs my attention so I create the future I want.

The imagery and archetypes of the Tarot hold a potent mirror and offer wise guidance evoking our deepest knowing and insight.

If you are feeling separated from yourself or wanting some intuitive self love, this may be just for you.

How it works:

This reading is designed to deepen your self understanding and love.

When payment is made you will receive an email asking for a couple of pieces of information. Your name, because it isn’t always clear from PayPal who you are, and the email you want to reading delivered to, because sometimes that is different than the account email. Feel free to tell me anything you wish me to know, but this is not neccessary. That’s it.

Once I receive your request, I enter intuitive space and choose your card. I tune into the energy and imagery of the card and write you a personalized, poetic message along with a prompt or two to take the things deeper. A picture of the card is included with your reading which is delivered in a beautiful PDF document to your email box with in 72 hours. (With your purchase you will also begin receiving my Luscious Soulful Beauty mailings which of course you can unsubscribe from at any time.)

Let me tell you a bit about the Vintage Erotic Tarot, the deck I will be using for this reading, as it is no ordinary Tarot! The imagery is of women from early 20th century erotic photography. The result is a sepia toned, dreamy, intimate take on Tarot with a powerful point of view and a refreshingly natural representation of women’s bodies. This deck is especially in tune with feminine, embodying energy. I find it insightful and supportive to those on a path of self knowing, acceptance and healing, as well as those wanting a sensuous, woman centered, tarot experience. In other words the perfect deck for love notes! (This deck includes nudity, so this if this kind of subject matter is not to your taste this may not be for you.)

Ready for your Love Note?

Price: $27

Oh, and about those negative or scary cards of the deck?

Here is what I know having worked with the cards for almost 30 years both personally and professionally for others. There are no “bad” cards. The Tarot represents the whole of human experience, highs and lows. In the context of deepening self love and knowing, what may at first seem daunting will always lead to a golden key unlocking something of great value to your heart. If you let it. While I don’t believe in sugar coating challenges, I also don’t believe in doom and gloom projections of strife. This reading will point you towards something important in your journey home to yourself and it will be delivered with love, respect, and tenderness.

Who will love this:
Those open to a bit of intuitive self love messaging of support and insight, and willingness to let the Unseens bestow their sometimes direct, sometimes subtle wisdom.

Might not be a good fit for:
For those wanting a more direct and deep look at a situation or issue. You may find a Lumina Guidance session or ongoing Personal Coaching to be a better option. If your situation is dire or in need of expert help, please be in touch with an appropriate professional.

Please note:

I do not predict, diagnose or give professional advice. Intuitive and spiritual work is not a substitute for medical, emotional, financial or legal professional help. Because of the personalized and intuitive nature of my work, readings and services are non-refundable.

Of course, if you have any questions or wonderings at all, do be in touch!